Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Battle with HFMD

Remembered from my last post ytd I was praying that Benson is not having HFMD.. Guess what! He is confirm case for HFMD.. Here it goes about how we realize it..

Yesterday after Benson nap.. He is active & start playing with toys in living room.. I spotted some red rashes on his chin.. & check his hands & feet.. Maybe the red spots haven develop on his hand & feet when I did the first check.. Then I went to " Google " about it.. Wanna to see image of HFMD as we never come across this before... Then after doing some research.. I went back to Benson & check again.. The red spots start developed on his knee, hands, feet, ears... & it get itchy at times.. So I called papa Ben saying that 90 % should be confirm that Benson is having HFMD.. So we bring him back to the clinic just to confirm..

The hair is covering.. But there's a few on his ears...

This is so itchy that is affecting his sleep.. =(

Wanna to take photo for his chin.. But this cheeky active boy smile.. =) Our Brave Boy

Doctor did some checking.. He is having slight fever.... 37.7... I find it strange! Because I just check him at home before going out.. He has no fever at all.. So now I'm wondering if my thermo is working well.. =\ but anyway.. After some checking.. Doc said that is confirm that he is having HFMD.. Use torchlight to check his mouth & showed me the red spots in his mouth.. The infected area is near his throat.. So we came back home after that.. With 10 days MC..

After went home.. Benson is still active.. But just some itch on his knee & feet.. I asked him try not to scratch it.. Fed him some panadol & put him to bed at 9.20pm.. Usual sleeping time... After a while he complains that he is having tummy ache.. Whining.. Crying in pain.. Apply ru Yi oil for him & massage his tummy.. ( actually I did ask doc to check on his tummy because lately he complains abt having pain on his tummy , but doc say his tummy is fine ) after a while of massage & coaxing.. He finally fell asleep.. Papa Ben & I slept early too.. Because we are so drain & tired.. So better to restore some energy for the next day battle.. & hoping that Benson will feel better each day.. It pains every parents to see our love ones in pain & couldn't do anything much to relieve it.. Praying that we will get by soon.. & Benson to recover fully & soon..

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