Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, March 10, 2013

HFMD ~ 3rd Day

Today is the 3rd day battling with HFMD... Benson complains that he couldn't walk! & That really pain me so much.. =( I told him i hold his hand to walk slowly... I don't know why... But i didn't hear that HFMD will affect walking? & i google it with no answer... So now he bend his knees a little to walk... slowly.. Especially after sleep or nap after awake.. That's the worst time to get up fast to walk.. Today alot of red spot appear again... Mostly on his Knee... & Elbow.. I feel that Elbow has the biggest & most red sore... He been asking for ice cream... But i told him max i will only give him 2 small cup a day.. just in case he gets cough after too much cold stuff... Today he ate some noodle at dinner... Well... At least he can still eat a little.. Hope Our Boy get well soon...


MamaJ said...

Oh dear! I hope he will get well soon. Not easy for you mummy, hang in there!

Wendy Kwek said...

Thanks mamaJ.. I hope this pass soon.. Is really heartbreaking..