Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HFMD ~ 4th & 5th Day

Yesterday those red rashes slowly become a little bigger... Like blister kind.. Benson still complains that he couldn't walk.. guess is because the blister on his knee hurt so much that is hard to walk.. but he been a super super brave boy trying to walk slowly without fussing or crying.. & i realise the itchy is gone too because he doesn't scratch his leg anymore... His food intake is still ok.. keep asking for ice cream.. One good thing is that he still will request for food.. which is a good sign.. =)

He is good at fixing toys.. LOL

dont know why suddenly blur look

Is getting nasty! 

After he get HFMD, His skin gets really dry..
It became blister

He needs plenty of rest... Get well soon my dear boy

Today which is the 5th day of HFMD... Those nasty blister is starting to dry up! Which is a super good sign for us! Hehe.. means he is gonna recover soon.. Benson told me he could walk fast fast already... =) Means no more pain for him.. So we hoping to see more changes tmr.. Of course is for the better.. ^^

We played fishing early in the morning

trying really hard


Is drying up

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