Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, May 13, 2013

Genting Trip ~ May

Is been a while that Ben & I didn't go for honeymoon holiday.. So Hub planned to go to Genting.. Not only us for this trip.. Mil , Sis & Bro in law came along too.. =) We enjoyed our 4 days 3 night holiday... & Of course we missed Benson badly! Even on the second day morning during the trip i start to have tears in my eyes while thinking of him... Sister took care of him while we are away... I'm sure Benson had lots of fun staying at Granny place... & Kor Kor will play with him...

We  Erm I mean " I " Did lots of shopping when we are in Genting ... =.= haha... I have bought Tee, Shoes, bags, makeup, DVD ( Ok... I can explain about stocking up DVD... At Genting... U will be able to find almost all the cartoon u can see in Disney Junior! Which sadly to say that I can't find any in Singapore.. Unless I order Online.. Which is quite ex! )  & I bought Sunglasses.. Which is the best buy I had... I bought Gift too... Toys for Benson & Nephew...  Of course... Hub must be fainting! Haha... Because almost most of the time i'm buying something... Haha... But overall.. I'm sure we had so much fun & bonding together... =)

We Both didn't slept last night.. So we are preparing to sleep all the way to Genting

Check in & fresh up after shower =D

Is cooling out here...

Chill out with hub

This Bak Kut Teh still taste so good! yums

Afternoon Bowling session...

Man Utd Supporter

Watching match with beer & snack...

breakfast! Finally noodles after 2 days of rice..

How I wish in Sg we have this too... Looks super cool..

My best buy during the trip...

On the Third Day... Sis send me text saying that Benson is injure by his classmate in school.. I asked her to send me pic of the injury... =( My heart sank when i see the pic.. Is a scratch mark on his nose...! I called up the school & spoke to the principle... We are very upset about what happened.. & I felt bad not being by Benson side to comfort him & hug him... & We arranged a day to visit the school again for injury issue.. because is the second time within 2 months...! This time Hub Ben will be coming along too...

So heartache when i saw this pic sis send me... =(

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