Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miki 1st Birthday

Went to Miki 1st Birthday on Saturday... =) So happy to be able to see my 2 best buddy, Florence & Patricia... ^^ Catch up a little.. Florence is super busy! haha.. Because is her 2nd gal birthday.. So she is running around... Food is really nice... Especially the BBQ food done by Florence Hub... Time Flies! Those little ones is growing up fast.. Haha.. When I told hub we are going to Miki 1st Birthday.. Hub still say.. So fast ar... LOL I say ya lo... time flies in a blink of eyes... Benson is already 3! Hehe... Is much more easy to bring him around now.. because he can listen better & understands better now... =)

The Desert Bar at the Birthday Party was Awesome! Is so colourful! & taste really good! Yums! Actually I'm not a person who is into sweet stuff... But the colours & the deco really makes me wanna eat them!

First time drinking this...!

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