Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, June 14, 2013

Chilling With Kids Can Be Fun!

I don't know if lots parents do that... Like bringing kids along for some chilling out session with friends.. If u follow my blog.. U should have seen it a few time that we bring Benson along for chilling session.. =) By right Sis is helping us to take care of Benson on that day so we can go club with our frenz who is going back to China for quite a while.. But nephew fall sick so we have some changes in our plan.. =) We shall bring Benson along for the fun.. Venue changed to Arab St.. Which is my fav place to go & I go there quite often with my friends... We reached early... & Ordered Our dinner... Some Beer... & start getting ourself comfortable... Benson had fun playing with his car.. & What best is ... He love bare foot! Haha...

My Buddy for life.. I love U!

Our Happy Pie

This is cheap! 8 Bottles for only $40

In Btw of the chilling session.. There is belly dancing performance... =) Very pro... & very cheerful dancer... We love it... ! I'm sure Benson had lots of fun playing with Uncle Steven & Aunty Wendy.. =)

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