Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, June 28, 2013

Things That Benson Enjoys Doing

Because Papa Ben needs to work on Last Saturday... I decided to bring Benson out for some fun since the haze is better... =)  I didn't wanna go too far because I was still a little sick & weak due to the drowsy medication that I took for my sinus & cough.. We head off after Benson woke up from his nap... =) Ate fish soup with rice opp compass point.. Then take a slow walk to the mall... Went to the arcade since Benson love playing game so much.. He is super thrilled! He jumping up & down & say " Yeah Yeah, Game " .. Of course I feel happy too because I know this is what he enjoys.. Cannot imagine how time flies now.. Benson is already 3 Years 5 months old... Looking back at those previous post... Now he is already so big... =) He Weights 15kg, Height 93 now...! So tall liao... Like daddy... Now bringing him out is really much more easier than last time.. =)

A relaxing day for both of us.. But too bad Daddy gotta work.. After Game, We bought Ice cream before heading back home.. A Happy Mummy & A Happy Little Boy... ^^

Sunday Papa Ben says we shall go to Wild Wild Wet! Went Facebook to check out their page to double confirm if they are open because they are closed the past few days due to haze... Hehe... They are open! Since we are still early & the sun is burning hot! We go for some bowling session first.. Hehe.. One of Benson fav too... LOL This time we let him fit into the smallest bowling shoes they have.. Which is size 1.. Still a little big... But.. is stick on.. So we give it a try! .... Guess what! that sticky thingy on the shoes is so irritating! It keep unstick & Benson having a little trouble walking in it... I suggest he changed back to his own shoes but he insisted he wanted to wear the bowling shoes.. Well.. let it be.. =) Benson wanna to be more independent now.. He wants to carry the bowling ball himself.. but of course with Daddy's help to pass him the ball.. He carry it all the way to the lane & roll it... Haha.. & when he comes back to the sitting area.. he will give us a High Five... After bowling session we went to have some food before heading to wild wild wet... Too bad that Taiwan stall is pack with people.. no seat at all.. So i suggested to go to that noodle stall 2 shops away... =.= After eating that noodle.. While we are playing happily inside wild wild wet.. I had very bad tummy ache... Well.. I didn't know is it because of the noodle.. But I feel sick in the tummy... Luckily It didn't ruin our family outing... Went home to take some medicine to ease the ache.. =)

Look at those cute little bowling shoes

The only time that Benson can sit quietly playing is when he play puzzle.. & I'm surprise that he love playing that.. Because I intro puzzle to him before but he had not much interest then... Glad that he love it! Because I feel puzzle does do some benefit while playing...

By Playing Puzzle It can Helps:

Article from Squidoo

Problem solving

Even the simplest of puzzles require toddlers to think and develop different approaches to achieve a single goal. They analyze and use their grey matter as they put together the pieces of the puzzles. These toys directly impact their problem solving and reasoning skills which help them grow well in their professional as well as personal life.

Cognitive skills

Apart from solutions and reasoning, toddlers learn shapes, colors, sizes and a deeper understanding of how a small unit forms a part of the whole set. The puzzles may vary depending upon their theme and can be helpful in solidifying the basics like alphabets, numerals, animals, fruits and much more.

Hand eye coordination

While putting the right shapes into their correct spaces or putting together pieces of a castle, toddlers work on their hand eye coordination. The wrong piece obviously does not fit and they have to try all over again. This trial and error helps them to do what they actually see.

Motor skills

Solving a puzzle requires children to pick up the objects, sort them, slot them and fit them without any breakage so these educational toys refine their motor skills. Motor skills are required for eating, writing and for manipulating almost anything.


The kind of satisfaction children get from solving the entire puzzle is unmatched by any other kind of toy. Their self confidence increases manifolds by the accomplishment and the praise that follows thereafter. As the games get more challenging, they also learn other social skills like the importance of cooperative play, how to take things to their completion, how to handle frustration and never-say-die attitude.

While exercising is meant to keep the body fit, puzzles and mind teasers for toddlers are meant to keep their mind fit. These educational toys prepare children early in life for the competitive world out there without compromising on fun. Give you child the best puzzles and let them face the world with confidence.

Art Time! Benson is always interested in Art since I first intro him when he is nearly 2 years old... We did, printing, sticking, paint, coloring before... This time.. We used Potato to do the prints! Hehe... He had a great time printing lots of colors with the potato.. Next time we shall cut some veg to do some more beautiful prints..

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