Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun Fair Cum Family Day

Benson school is having a " Fun Fair Cum Family Day " Event on last Saturday =) Reached the school at about 9plus am... School has prepared some games for the parents to get to know each other better.. =) But... I'm too shy.. haha.. I can see that some parents is very sporting.. We take turns to intro ourself to everyone... While the kids is getting ready for the fair fun inside the school...

When I first step into the school where the fun fair is held... I saw Cute Little Benson is having a hat on his head.. Which wrote " Jelly & Pita " .. Haha.. That is the food that he is selling in his stall.. Super super cute! & We bought Jelly & Pita from him using the coupon that we bought last week for the fair... =) Is so nice having this kind of event.. I'm sure the kids will learn something from it & enjoy it... We bought some Fruits, Homemade ice lemon tea, Mee hoon with curry... Had a great morning & breakfast in the school with those food from fair... =)

He is making the pita that we ordered.. =)

Coupon for food fair...

He wants some fruits!

The art work that they did.. Those money will goes to children fund.. =) 

Artwork that He did.. =)

We decided to go for Horse Riding before heading home.. Since is just nearby... & I had promised Benson that we will bring him for horse riding soon.. Benson is super excited! He is super happy & keep talking about those horse while walking there... =) We had so much fun that day!

Papa Bring him go buy ticket

Night We went to had our dinner nearby our home & go Pasa Malam for a walk... Spotted the game stall... We told Benson after dinner we will go back to the game stall to play some game.. =)

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