Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekend Sand Play

2 Weeks not able to go to mum place because Nephew is having chicken pox... Honestly.. I missed them.. But no choice.. To prevent spreading to Benson I have to forgo going to mum place.. Even I know Benson took the jab for chicken pox already.. But still... Just to be safe... =)

I'm so happy doesn't have to work this weekend.. Means more family time together.. Since we not able to go mum place.. We decided to bring Benson to Waterway for cycling & sand play.. We skip the waterplay this time because he had just recovered from flu.. We enjoyed our relaxing weekend... After park we went to have our dinner then back home.. We are dying for a shower.. Lately weather is super duper hot.. I can't even feel my air con at all.. Hmm.. Need to do some air con servicing liao... Haze is back... I smell it on Friday.. My nose is super sensitive to the smell of haze... & I get sore throat too when haze come.. So remember to drink more water!


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