Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, July 5, 2013

Zoo & River Safari

Hehe... Was kinda surprise that Hub Ben would suggest wanna go Zoo.. Because whenever I suggest normally he will say no.. Hahaha... But I'm super happy & excited... Benson is very excited to see all the animal too.. =)

Is Our first time visiting River Safari since they open till now... reason why we waited is also because we want the crowed to die down first.. Normally new places sure very packed! Which we really dislike the rush & the stress... We will always try to avoid as much as we can... We started the River Safari first... =) First time see Panda... Haha.. But too bad we only get to see one which is sleeping.. Another Panda went into the hidden area... feeling super cooling inside.. Hehe.. & of course on our way in... We saw crocs & other



 Then we buy some drinks before heading to the show... It begin to rain outside... Luckily they didn't cancel the show.. Instead of having the show outdoor.. They moved indoor... & They begin to intro those animal to us... Honestly is been many years since I last touch a snake... I think I last touch a snake is when I was about 8years old?? Well.. I couldn't really remember... But is the first time for Benson... =) He is quite daring to try or touches all the animal he saw in the show! & I'm so excited when they show us " Hedgehog " ! Because I didn't see a real one in my life.. Haha except in " Bob the builder " cartoon that Benson watched.. The feel when we touch.. Hmmm.. is not very nice feeling because of the spines... But is a very good experience for us.. =) Good chance for Benson to explore to more new animals...

Then We head to the Zoo after the rain stopped... Phew the rain didn't last that long.. But is super cooling... ^^ Which is great.... We see lots & lots of animal.... & Guess What! We saw Polar Bear this time...! & It look super like Hub Ben! Hahaha... We Watch 2 Shows in the zoo.. & went to feed Giraffe! Benson is very happy Q~ing up waiting for his turn... =) After that we took lunch... & took the tram... Is about 4 plus already... Benson fell asleep while riding the tram... Guess he had some much fun & is draining out his energy... We went to Kidz World.. But Benson couldn't wake up when i wanna wake him for the waterplay.. Then we went home... He gets a little upset because he didn't get to see animal anymore... But we promised him that we will bring him to zoo again...


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