Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Benson 3 Years 5 Months Old

Our little cheeky boy is still as cheeky as ever! =) He is so much taller now! I think he is consider tall in his own age group... But he is a super picky eater.. & he doesn't really eat much... Weight is 15kg... But sadly.. It dropped a little when he is sick from Genting trip... Benson is a very independent & sensible child.. & of course I'm very proud of him in many ways... =) Can't imagine he is growing up so fast! I hope that this stays forever at times.. Yes I'm selfish... He is forever the baby in my heart...

On Weekend we normally will bring him to play some games.. Which is Benson's fav too.. He will jump up & down when we say we bringing him for gaming session.. ^^

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