Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Finally I can update my blog! Reason is because my phone charging cable is giving me so much problem & I'm not being able to load all the photo into my com! Hehe bought new cable liao.. Hope it last...

So Is Our 5th Anniversary! Yes! We brave thru all this 5 years together... Ups & Down.. Lots of Laughter I should say... =) We went to Suntec City hoping to eat our fav Aston! but too bad the whole tower 4 is on reno.. So we need to find other place to have dinner.. Walk around Suntec & didn't realise it changed so much! I'm such a turtle... =.= & Went H & M to bought some clothes before heading to Marina Square.. =) We had our dinner at Cafe Cartel.. Their pork rids is my fav! Juicy... Tender... Yums...! & of course Benson had his fav ice cream waffler too! & Took his fave kiddy ride...! Hehe..

On our way to meet papa who is working!

Look at this bill! 5th Anniversary with bill all 5555

Hub is having very bad food allergy the night before..

The love of my life... <3 br="">

Papa bought Benson a kitchen set..

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