Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Day With Grandparents

Just nice Daddy & Mummy is off on last Sunday.. So they planned to go for a swim at SK swimming complex.. Because they had never go there before... Of course we would love to join them... ^^ Benson & Kor kor is having water gun war.. Haha... But sadly after a while.. The lightning warning alarm is on.. So everyone will have to get out from the pool... The toliet waiting time is really a turn off... We waited so long!... After shower we went to have our usual lunch after swim.... Which is...... MAC! Haha... Benson is kinda unique actually.. Haha.. He always dip his fries & nugget with Ice cream..! I hear of tomato sauce , chili sauce.. But never see one that dip with ice cream.. But anyway we are happy that he ate quite alot.. As he is quite a picky eater!

After Lunch went to Granny home for home cooked Laksa...! Yummy to max! I had 1.5bowl.. Hub had 2 bowl... Yummy!

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