Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter to My Little Man

To My Lovely Little Man,

I cannot express my joy when every time u reach a new milestone & chapter in life... U grow up so fast... Sometime I couldn't keep up.. I know Mummy is not being patience with u at times.. But u must know that Me & Daddy Love U very much.. Mummy Miss the days when u kicking me inside my fat tummy... haha... & When I'm in labour about to give birth to u.... After U are born.. U make me understand what's call " Love at First Sight " .. & Of course We love u even before u were born.. I'm lucky to be there to see u grow, to see u make ur first little step, to walk, to call out for mummy & daddy... Now u can even talk back to us... Haha... Sometime it sounded so funny.. Me & Daddy just burst out in laughter... U bring so much joy into the family... Sometime I feel sorry that U have a short tempered mum... But I do try my best to change for the better... =) We are proud of U my son... We love U, Happy 4th Birthday little man... !

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