Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Back into Action!

There will be Lots and Lots of  Backdated Photos and update, Because After the post of My letter to My Little Man, Just went Benson had his 4th Birthday Party, Life has changed totally, 2 Reason for the changes and that explains why been so long that i didn't update my post. Firstly, Is because Benson change school, Secondly is because I started working! Yes! A full time working mother. So Now I'm trying to recap where we stopped the last time.

Benson has his Graduation from His Previous school, He is super excited about the concert performance! And He Dance super well! I'm sure he felt like a super star up there ^^

Movie date at Plaza Singapura, Christmas season! Jingle Bell , honestly among all the festive season in Singapore my Fav is still Christmas, don't ask me whyX Is just my feel is stronger for Christmas! Went dinner and movie date with love one. 

Little Monster has always been serious about his popcorn ok! Don't play play ! 

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