Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Benson's First Plane Trip

I'm super duper duper duper excited to bring a Benson for his First Plan Trip to Bangkok! Well, sorry haha destination is I choose.. Because been a while since we last went bangkok, since Benson is already old enough , is time for us to travel together.. frankly speaking, I used to feel very bad leaving him with my sis when I travel with hub.. The main reason is.. He is too young to travel or even remember anything.. So I'm very happy that I have the chance to go this trip together with my love ones.. Benson behave really well most of the time.. Only kinda stress as he is a very fussy eater.. Really scare that he not gonna eat much or be hungry.. Due to security issue.. We decided not to bring any milk powder.. Just in case.. We spoke to benson a few night before saying that we will give him milo when he ask for milk.. He agreed.. And indeed.. He didn't fuss over not having his usual milk.. :) I really hoping that we couldn't bring him to as much holiday as we can afford.. Because he love staying hotels.. Even till now he still talks about staying in hotel.. 

Mummy will try my best to work hard, save hard to bring U to see the world as much as possible.. I love U my son 

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