Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fever Over the Weekend ( Backdated Post )

This is a super throw back post, That day was suppose to send my cny dress for alter, After that wanna take a taxi to mum place, Then see Benson irritating behavior which is super unlike him, After that touch his forehead, He is super hot!, We bring him to the clinic nearby, Actually they are closing, But I just went in to ask if they can take just one more, I said as he is having a high fever, Luckily they allow him to register after touching his forehead.

After went in, Doctor help to check his temp. Is 39.8! Is damm high, whenever u hear kids having more than 38.5, The fear is already there, 39.8 is a Panic mode for us.

After He recover from fever, I let him back to school on Wednesday, That day is as usual. The next day, Benson say his lips got ulcer. I still bring him to school as i thought is heaty , After teacher checked, His throat has a few of them! We made a U turn back home to see doctor. Doctor say is HFMD =( But luckily he is on the mild side. Still must rest home for 7 days, But doctor say if in btw the 7 days he is better, Can bring him back to check and get letter for Fit to School.

So In total, I used up almost all my Childcare leave for the past 2 week, Luckily there is Childcare leave, Frankly I enjoyed spending time with Benson at home. But of course not the sickness.

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