Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Opening Of Punggol Waterway Point !

Everyone is sooooo Excited and counting down for the Opening of Waterway Point. Is been years since we waited. It open on 18 Jan 2016. Which of course we didn't go on the day that it opened. Because expected crazy crowd. So We let it settle down for a few days. After a few days then we decided to go there for dinner.

We went to the shortest Q, Which is a Ramen place. Not too bad, But soup is super salty. LOL. Anyway We had a super full dinner. As the serving of the food is quite good. Big and filling. I regretted order extra bowl of noodle. Because is damm alot. haha. So next time we will know not to order any extra add on noodles.

After dinner walking around to explore the mall. Went to Eat Dessert. Haha. Just don't know why I more into Dessert now. Maybe hormone? I'm not sure, I used to dislike sweet stuff. Anyway.. We have a fun night exploring the new mall which is super nearby to where we stay. I feel that we are blessed that surrounding us is so much more to offer.

And we end the day with Benson Fav Activity! Play Gamez! We are happy that the game shop is under Timezone, As we feel that their top up package and promotion is quite good. So We always been going to their other outlet. Sadly at Punggol Waterway Point outlet is kinda small. But better than don't have la.. Haha. 

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