Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Friday, May 31, 2013

Throat Infection

School suddenly called saying that Benson is having fever.. 38.4 .. So I went to pick him up from school... Went straight to the clinic... Doctor checked & saying that he has throat infection... Reached home & fed some panadol... After bath his temp dropped back to normal.. Phew..  &  Luckily he is super active... LOL playing non stop.. which is a good sign... =) Just hope that the fever won't get too high.. & Get well soon my poor baby...

Today picked him up from school.. Benson still thought that he is going back to school.. Haha.. He must have enjoyed school with all his classmate & caring teachers...  He told Papa Ben ytd night saying that he wanna go school tmr.. =)

Last weekend promise Benson to buy him a sunglasses... He is super happy! & start wearing it to pose for photo.. haha.. my vain boy..

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